Glixel Podcast: E3 2017 Predictions

Will Nintendo repeat last year's performance and dominate with just a small handful of games?

Is 'Mario Odyssey' a sure-thing for game of the show already? Credit: Glixel

In the first of two episodes ahead of E3, we ponder the possibilities for the biggest, most exciting announcements that will happen at the show. 

Will Electronic Arts show anything unexpected? Will the next Red Dead Redemption 2 trailer show up at the Sony media event? What will Microsoft show to wow us on the Scorpio? For that matter...what will Scorpio end up being called? Will Nintendo repeat their performance last year, and end up "winning" E3 by just showing a small number of superb games that stand out from the dour, post-apocalyptic, war-obsessed shooters being shown by everyone else? If they do...what will they be? 

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