Glixel Podcast: All 'Destiny 2', All the Time

Miguel shares what 'Destiny 2' was like to play, and we discuss whether the PC version is all that it could be

Buckle up for an hour of 'Destiny 2' talk Credit: Glixel

Buckle up! There's going to be a lot of Destiny 2 chat. This week we're joined by special guest Ryan O'Donnell from Area 5 to talk about the biggest announcement of the week. Bungie showed a huge amount of the game this week, and Miguel was in Los Angeles at the showcase to see it live and get his hands on the game. He shares his impressions of the single player, PvP and strikes, plus we dig into whether the PC version is potentially held back by the console-based roots of the series. John busts out the hottest of hot-takes and argues that the reason the PC version might not be everything it possibly could be is actually Sony's fault.

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