Glitch Knocks Oculus Rift VR Headsets Out of Commission Worldwide

The company says it's fixing the issue

Credit: Oculus

The Oculus Rift virtual reality headset stopped working for people around the world today, according to Polygon.

Customers began complaining about the issue on the Oculus Rift forums earlier today. Many are receiving an error message that says, "Can't reach Oculus runtime service." Polygon says its own devices are affected as well.

Neither Oculus nor parent company Facebook has given any explanation for the outage, but some people believe it stems from a security certificate that apparently expired today. Security certificates provide an extra level of safety to websites and software by allowing them to authenticate with each other. They are generally issued by third parties and need to be renewed on a regular basis.

Oculus says it's aware of the issue and it's working to fix the problem. "Our teams apologize for any inconvenience this may be causing you and appreciate your patience while we work on a resolution. We'll share more updates here as we have them," it says. People can check on the Rift's status on the official forums.