'Ghost Recon Wildlands' Year 2 Begins April 10th

Will add team customization

'Ghost Recon Wildlands' Year 2 Begins April 10th

Ghost Recon Wildlands'  second year of post-release content will begin rolling out on April 10th with new free content coming to single-player and PvP modes, developer-publisher Ubisoft announced today. 

The second year's content starts with what Ubisoft is calling "Special Operations 1." The new update will add team customization to Wildlands, something the developer said is the community's "number one" requested feature. Players will now be able to customize their team members' outfits with the items they've unlocked throughout the game.

Additionally, a new PvP update will add a new game mode called "Sabotage," which the company didn't give any information on, five new maps and the first of six new PvP classes coming to Wildlands during year two. New perks and weapons are also expected to come with the update, as well as a free "special themed" PvE mission and special challenge with exclusive rewards.

Lastly, a Year 2 Pass will be available for $29.99 USD, Ubisoft announced. Players purchasing the Year 2 Pass will have exclusive access to the game's six new Year 2 Ghost War classes a week early, along with an exclusive customization pack and "eight Battle Crates (four Special Ops crates and four Ghost War crates)."

Since its release last year, Ubisoft's released 13 updates for Wildlands of varying sizes. The most recent, Ghost War, added a new four versus four PvP mode with 12 different classes. Wildlands has sold more than 10 million copies and was one of Ubisoft's best-selling games last year.