Get Your First Look at New RPG 'Code Vein' in Action

Monsters, ominous voice over, bloodlust, the first real trailer for the new vampiric adventure has it all

Get Your First Look at New RPG 'Code Vein' in Action
Credit: Bandai Namco

Code Vein is a new RPG from some of the key people behind monster hunting series God Eater, and this is our first look at the game in action. It's all about a race of vampiric creatures called the Revenant, fighting giant monsters in a ruined world. 

The trailer shows a sepia-toned city, punctured by what a voice calls "the Thorns of Judgement" and a two companions wandering through it, amidst twisted enemies – including a giant under-dressed woman with her hair in bunches – and a Bane-from-Batman-style grill on the hero. We're guessing that's one of the Blood Veil devices the heroes can use to collect the red stuff and harness it to enhance their powers or "gifts." Despite the game revolving pretty heavily around blood – drinking it and summoning giant columns of it in battle – the trailer is pretty gore-free.

Code Vein will be released for consoles in 2018.