Get Your First Look at 'Far Cry 5'

Montana, fields, mountains and ominous looking churches confirmed


Ubisoft is being a real tease this morning. It's just released a very short trailer for Far Cry 5 and it's very much a mood piece. A full trailer will be released on May 26.

So here's what we can tell you now. The trailer shows the new, fictional Montana setting of Hope County. We hear the sound of screams as birds scatter against a backdrop of mountains and a river rushes by. A man in stained clothes runs through a field, and as the screen fades to black. There's a gun shot. Finally we see a church, the bell tolling, rung by a man who (if you look closely) is packing some serious firepower. 

Past Far Cry games have been set in Micronesia, Africa, a tropical island in the Pacific, the Himalayas and the Stone Age, so it's interesting to see what chaotic survival series will make of modern day America.