Daily Glixel: 'Tacoma' Rewards Standing Still, 'Life Is Strange' Prequel Preview, 'Fortnite' Dev Issues a Mea Culpa

Plus, 'Cave Story' on Switch goes (more) retro

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Watch 9 Minutes of 'Life is Strange: Before the Storm'

Dontnod Entertainment’s Life is Strange is a heartfelt episodic adventure game about teen friendship, time travel, and murder. You know, the usual stuff. Its prequel, Before the Storm, comes out this month and Xbox has a nine minute preview video. It focuses on rebellious stoner Chloe Price and her tempestuous relationship with her mother’s boyfriend, David. He’s a hard ass. She’s grumpy and filled with attitude. There’s awkward fist bumps and heaps of teenage snark. It’s all very after-school special. Life is Strange: Before the Storm comes out August 31st on Xbox One, PC, and PlayStation 4.

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