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Latest 'Fortnite' Patch Destroys Some Player Bases Without Warning
A 'Fortnite' base Epic Games2/5

Latest 'Fortnite' Patch Destroys Some Player Bases Without Warning

Developer Epic Games is apologizing to Fortnite fans today after an unannounced change wiped out some player bases. The sandbox survival game’s latest patch makes tweaks to the Plankerton, Canny Valley, and Twine Peaks Storm Shield maps. Epic apparently made the change to improve game balance, but doing so required resetting any bases built on those maps. Players who lost their materials will get refunds. “We have to do this to avoid issues with built bases conflicting with the map changes,” the Fortnite team explains in a forum post. “We know that the time it took to create your base can't be replaced, we hope that opportunity to rebuild with all your resources and past experience will allow you to make an even better base.”

“Moving forward we'll make sure to communicate changes BEFORE they happen.”

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