Frustrated 'Overwatch' Player Turns to Therapy Worksheet For Help

It beats throwing your console out the window

Credit: Blizzard Entertainment

Losing an Overwatch match feels terrible. Everyone who plays the competitive online shooter has experienced the frustration of a team that refuses to gel, of bad team comps, or of simply getting outplayed by a superior team. One Reddit user called SirBenny was recently having a bad time in the game. His therapist wife apparently grew tired of his complaints and made him fill out a daily mood log after playing in competitive mode.

After a match, SirBenny jotted down some negative thoughts. "My teammates are hot garbage." "Nobody played DPS or countered Pharah." He added some positive thoughts as well, like "I can learn from my mistakes" or "My SR is an accurate reflection." Filling out the sheet made him realize he was blaming others when things went poorly, jumping to conclusions, and ignoring his own contributions to the match.

"Honestly, it helped a lot!" he says.

SirBenny has helpfully uploaded a blank daily mood log for Overwatch players who want to work through some issues.