'Fortnite' Players Will Soon Be Able To Test The Game's Improved Accuracy Systems

No solid date given

In an effort to improve aiming in Fortnite, developer-publisher Epic Games recently announced an upcoming "Shooting Test" that allows players to test out its First-Shot Accuracy prototypes. No solid date for the test was given.

To address player issues with Fortinite's accuracy, Epic said it's been prototyping the following improvements: 

  • First-Shot Accuracy
  • Perfect Accuracy + Recoil

Now, the developer said it's ready to begin testing its First-Shot Accuracy protoptype, with a few minor changes to the current game. The new changes, as detailed by Epic, are as follows:

  • Weapons now have first-shot accuracy, indicated by a red glow on the reticle. This is applied when:
    • Standing still
    • Aiming (not hip-firing)
    • Aim spread is at peak accuracy (Basically, if you haven’t fired recently. It is different per weapon)
  • Headshot critical hits have been reduced
    • Shotguns are now 150% damage (was 250%).
    • All other weapons with headshot crits are now 200% damage (was 250%).
  • Damage fall-off has been introduced for some weapons
    • Damage applies at 100% to a fixed range.
    • Fall-off begins at different ranges (depending on the weapon), and decreases to 70% damage.
    • Sniper Rifles, Rocket/Grenade Launchers, and Shotguns are unaffected.
  • Other balance adjustments
    • Semi-Auto Sniper has had its damage increased to 75/78 (from 63/66).
    • Scoped Assault Rifle has had its damage increased to 25/26 (from 23/24).
    • +2 Base damage to all SMGs.

Epic said it'll be gathering data during this test, and plans to run several more following it. While in the test, all wins and stats will carry over to the base game. 

Epic didn't announce when it plans to test Perfect Accuracy + Recoil.