'Fortnite' Is Currently Twitch's Most-Watched Game

Based on average viewers over the past week

Fortnite, as of this writing, is being watched by an average of 141,072 people, making it the highest-viewed game on Twitch as of the last week, Twitch Metrics revealed. Epic Games' free-to-play shooter is currently beating out other Twitch juggernauts like League of Legends and PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, which average out at 116,258 and 71,586 viewers respectively. 

Despite a rocky launch, the addition of a battle royale mode in Fortnite – largely popularized by the aforementioned Battlegrounds – skyrocketed the game's popularity. According to Twitch Metrics, the game's been streamed by a total of 4,596 channels on the streaming platform. 

Fortnite's growth has been rapidly increasing, too, over the recent months. Back in November, the game broke 20 million total players. A few months later, in February, the game broke its own concurrent player count, topping off at 3.4 million people playing at the same time. Only six days into March, Fortnite's viewer count is up 16-percent. 

While the game is the most watched based on average viewers, it falls to the third spot when it comes to highest concurrent viewers over the past week. The top spot there goes to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, which topped out at 487,026 concurrent viewers, and Battlegrounds, which had 347,344 viewers. 

Given both have battle royale game modes and their increased growth, Fortnite and Battlegrounds are often compared. While Battlegrounds is still the reigning champ of the genre, recently breaking 30 million total players, its active player count's been on a decline. This may give Fortnite the opportunity to pass Battlegrounds here in the coming months as the game's popularity increases.