'Fortnite' Gets Over-The-Top Replay Editing System

Replay video creation tools coming to Unreal Engine as well

'Fortnite' Gets Over-The-Top Replay Editing System

Fortnite is getting a feature-rich replay system that will not only allow players to go back and rewatch their favorite moments in a match, but grants a broad selection of tools for creating videos to share, Epic Games announced today.

The system is "coming soon" to the console and PC versions of the game and to the Unreal Engine as part of the 4.20 release this summer. No word on when or if it will be added to the mobile version of Fortnite.

The decision to add the system to Fortnite was driven by the game's massive popularity both with players and with viewers. Epic says that Fortnite generates more than 130 million video views daily. 

YouTuber Ali A was brought to Epic's headquarters to help test out the features and create some videos for today's reveal. Among the features are things like the ability to turn on player outlines and name tags which also show the current weapon they are using and their health and shield levels. The HUD can also be completely turned off. The camera, which a player has full control of to allow them to capture a scene from any angle, also has advanced features like focal length, lens type and aperture and exposure settings.

The replay system looks very similar to the advanced features created for Epic's now canceled MOBA-like Paragon, which also had very advanced video capture and editing tools.