'Fortnite' Gets New Musical Score for Season Three

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'Fortnite' Gets New Musical Score for Season Three

Epic Games' online sandbox shooter Fortnite and its popular Battle Royale mode are about to sound a bit more, well, epic. An entirely new orchestral score is premiering with Battle Royale's Season Three this week, the studio told Glixel.

Fortnite is a blockbuster game with more than 40 million downloads. It also recently broke its concurrent player record, peaking at 3.4 million. But, it's still technically in early access and its current score is apparently just a placeholder. Epic said it always intended to add more robust music, and it brought in film composers Marco Beltrami (Logan, The Hurt Locker) and Pinar Toprak (Krypton, Justice League) to help.

Beltrami said seeing Fortnite and its gameplay was crucial when creating the new score. Just like in film, writing ideas based on a script, or on preconceived notions, just doesn't work. "When I first heard about the game, I had an image in my head and you respond musically to that image. But, until you actually see it and see how it works, it really changes," he said. "Because it sounds like it could be kind of dark. You know, the monsters are coming and you have to defend and shoot them. But it has more of a family-type of feel to it. I think the fact that you’re not just defending yourself, but also trying to save other people ... all of these things are really important elements musically, because music is the emotional undercurrent of the story. And the player has to feel that."

"Music is so important in setting the tone for the players’ emotional experience, so it was extremely important for us to have a high quality score for Fortnite," said Epic Games creative director Darren Sugg. "We're really fortunate to have been able to work with Marco and Pinar. They're just brilliant composers and their music absolutely elevates Fortnite. I can’t wait for players to hear it in the game."

"[The score] is glorious. It's just amazing," said Toprak. "When you're on the podium and you hear that first note ... I can't even describe the feeling. It's just euphoria."

Once the update goes live, people can hear the new score throughout Fortnite's single-player "Save the World" campaign and while browsing Battle Royale's menu.