'For Honor's' Third Season Dated, Detailed

Brings new fighters, maps and more

For Honor's third season kicks off on August 15th, Ubisoft announced today. The new season will bring new heroes, maps, ranked play and gear.

The season, titled Grudge & Glory, is the biggest update For Honor received to date. With it, players can now play as a "Highlander," a Viking-hybrid character who's able to alternate between a defensive and offensive fighting stance, switching between being able to block and counterattack and being able to deal out deadly attacks at the expense of being able to block. Grudge & Glory also adds a Gladiator "Knight Assassin." With larger stamina meters and low cool down times, the Gladiator is extremely agile and able to stun their opponents.

Two new maps are also coming to the game: Sentinel and Viking Village. "Both maps hold a unique and deadly environmental hazard which will force players to master the terrain and be aware of their surroundings at all times," according to Ubisoft.

Season three also brings with it new competitive modes – including a new 1v1 duel mode where players can compete for higher rankings and rewards – and additional bug fixes.

In order to ensure better match stability, Ubisoft recently announced it would be adding dedicated servers to For Honor, as well as working on general balance fixes. Season four of For Honor is currently expected to debut in November.