First 'Final Fantasy XV' DLC is All About Beefcake Gladio

See the new trailer for Episode Gladiolus, out on March 28

Square Enix

Final Fantasy XV's first bit of downloadable content is all about Gladio, the often bare-chested, always pumped Shield Of The King. Players will get to see the world through his eyes, instead of those of angst-ridden prince Noctis. 

Episode Gladiolus in set inside a suitable moody set of ruins and focuses on the big man's need to prove himself. You may remember Gladio leaving your party for a whole chapter in the main game, it turns out he was off appearing in this DLC. Some of us choose therapy, some people wander into dilapidated buildings and hit things with big swords. Whatever works. 

There also a classic Final Fantasy character who is specific to the DLC called Gilgamesh, who Gladio will have to face. Gilgamesh has been knocking around the series since Final Fantasy V, so it's a nice touch to see him get some love in this latest instalment.