'Firewatch' is Coming to Nintendo Switch 'Soon'

Spot fires and pet turtles on the go

Credit: Campo Santo

Campo Santo's critically-acclaimed adventure game Firewatch is coming to Nintendo Switch. The developer announced the port on its website this morning.

"Imagine: The sounds of a babbling brook, a cool mountain breeze blowing through the timber," the announcement says. "And in your hands, your trusty Nintendo Switch. This Spring, take your Nintendo Switch on an outdoor adventure and experience the gripping mystery beloved by gamers and critics alike."

Firewatch has sold over one million copies and won numerous awards, including Best Indie Game at the 2016 Golden Joystick Awards, Best Narrative at the 2017 Game Developers Choice Awards and Debut Game at the 2017 British Academy Games Awards.

It was also one of Glixel's 50 best games of 2016. "The tug-of-war between humor and implied horror drives you through Firewatch’s six hour runtime, buoyed by numerous moments of breathtaking tranquility," we wrote at the time.

Right now, there's no word on price or exact release date. Camp Santo will only say it's coming "soon."

"Reengineering the sprawling meadows and towering trees of Firewatch’s wilderness to play perfectly on new hardware is no small engineering task," it says on its blog. "We’ve been hard at work stripping much of Firewatch’s tech down to the studs and rebuilding it to render the world more quickly, to stream and load faster, and to generally be more responsive. Nearly everyone in the Campo Santo office has a Nintendo Switch (and the rest want one). We know what a good Switch game feels like, and want to make sure Firewatch feels like one too."

"Plus, we’re hoping to throw in a couple surprises just for the Switch release."

Campo Santo adds the optimizations it's doing for Firewatch on Switch will benefit other versions of the game as well. "We expect to bring the low-level optimizations and tech clean-up we’re doing for the Switch to all platforms eventually," it says.