'Final Fight's' Abigail Joins 'Street Fighter V' Roster July 25

'Final Fight's' Abigail Joins 'Street Fighter V' Roster July 25

Abigail Credit: Capcom

Capcom revealed the return of the Mad Gear Gang lieutenant during the Street Fighter V EVO tournament early Monday. 

Abigail returns to Street Fighter sporting his original Final Fight design, beefy and gargantuan as ever, and taking the crown from Hugo as the biggest character in Street Fighter V at a massive 8'0".

Abigail is the fourth of six downloadable characters coming in season two's DLC for Street Fighter V. You can snag him, along with Akuma, Kolin and Ed, for $29.99. The final two characters included in this season pass will be announced at a later date. Abigail's DLC will be available for download on July 25. 

Abigail first appeared in Final Fight, which was initially meant to be a sequel to the original 1987 Street Fighter. Because it was a side-scrolling beat-'em-up, it didn't really fit within the scope of the Street Fighter franchise and was made into its own title in 1988. Players didn't get a chance to see Abigail – who is named after one of Danish Heavy Metal band King Diamond's albums, until the end of Haggar, Guy and Cody's journey in Final Fight.

The massive character made his first appearance in the Street Fighter franchise in Street Fighter 3: Second Impact. In Street Fighter V, he'll come to terrorize Metro City Bay Area once more with three costumes, a story chapter and his own stage.

As you might have guessed by the tires coiled around his biceps, Abigail is a monstrous gear head. When he's not causing trouble, he's driving cars—and when he's not doing either, he's probably in his shop shown in his stage during the reveal trailer. His story chapter will follow his brawls through Metro City to find his missing monster truck.

Despite his hulking, wrestler-like look, Abigail's move set isn't totally grappling focused. He'll use moves like Hungabee to counter attacks and set up combos; Max Power to demolish the opponent's guard and juggle; Abigail Special to slam down an open-palm strike for a quick stun before tossing the opponent into the air and using them as a makeshift punching bag; and Nitro Charge, a deadly punch, command grab, overhead and V-Skill combo.