'Fallout 4': Creation Club is Live, Here's What it Has

The update adds new cosmetics, weapons and furniture items

Announced at E3, the Bethesda Creation Club is now live in Fallout 4, the developer-publisher recently revealed.

Creation Club is a collection of new content for both Fallout 4 and The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. This includes items, abilities and new gameplay, all created by developer Bethesda Game Studios, outside developers and even community members. All of the new content is purchasable with in-game credits.

To celebrate the launch of Creation Club in Fallout 4, Bethesda is rewarding players with 100 complimentary credits to be spent as they choose. Of the new items, several new cosmetics are coming to the game – including the infamous Horse Armor from The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion and Morgan Yu's spacesuit from Prey – as well as new weapons, Pip-Boy skins and furniture packs. Check below for full rundown of new stuff, as detailed on Bethesda's website:

  • Chinese Stealth Armor: Worn by both the Crimson Dragoon troops and Black Ghost counterinsurgency squads during the Great War, Chinese Stealth Armor relies on light modulation technology to render its wearer virtually invisible.
  • Modular Military Backpack: Make this backpack yours with over 30 different add-on pieces, patches and colors. Featuring increased carry weight and multiple bonuses for surviving even the harshest Wasteland conditions.
  • Pip-Boy Paint Job – Onyx: This black paint job is ideal for any Vault Dweller who prefers stealth, sleekness and subtlety.
  • Pip-Boy Paint Job – Swamp Camo: With its mottled yellow, brown and green, the swamp camo Pip-Boy paint job is perfect for those waterlogged slogs through Bloodbug-infested terrain.
  • Pip-Boy Paint Job – Chrome: From the rims of a Chryslus Cherry Bomb directly to your wrist, nothing says “style” like a chromed-up Pip-Boy.
  • Power Armor Paint Job – Black: Black as a Commonwealth night and just as intimidating, this custom Power Armor paint job is well suited for any combat situation.
  • Homemade Shotgun: Crafted using pipes, springs and a healthy dose of psychotic self-reliance, this fully modded shotgun is perfect for a quick and violent solution. To just about anything.
  • Prototype Gauss Rifle: Wielded with deadly effect before the Great War, the Prototype Gauss Rifle uses electromagnetic induction to shoot a projectile at tremendous speed. It is, in essence, a sniper’s best friend.
  • Modern Furniture Workshop Pack: Give your workshop a contemporary look with over 40 modern furniture and decorative pieces.
  • Hellfire Power Armor: Big, beautiful and utterly terrifying, the ultra-protective Hellfire Power Armor is the perfect way to bring the fight to the enemy... and end it quickly.

Fallout 4's Creation Club is available now on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. It's currently unclear when the Skyrim Creation Club will go live, though it is expected to be launched this summer.

Fallout 4 was released on November 10th, 2015 for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. It received generally favorable reviews from critics and sold 1.2 million copies on Steam within its first 24 hours.