Overwatch League Commentator Received Death Threats On International Women's Day

"Oh I am sorry...did I offend you"

Credit: Soe Gschwind-Penski

Overwatch League host and esports commentator Soe Gschwind-Penski received death threats and hate messages after thanking men on International Women's Day, she revealed on Twitter

Last Thursday, during the day of celebration, Gschwind-Penski, Tweeted a "special shoutout to all the men in our lives who have supported us, gave us a voice when we had none, fought for our cause and treated us the way we all ought to treat each other...like a fellow human being - no race, no gender."

The Tweet was quickly met with backlash, with some replies accusing the commentator of having "internal misogyny," as well as others feeling International Women's Day was not the time to highlight men.  

"Oh I am sorry...did I offend you by treating ALL genders equal and thank humans for treating each other the way they should? Believe it or not but women are not the only ones fighting for equality," Gschwind-Penski said in a Quote Tweet to the user accusing her of having internal misogyny. 

But it was a reply to the latter Tweet where Gschwind-Penski revelaed the level of abuse she was receiving. When popular video game personality TotalBiscuit replied, saying, "nothing better than women trying to tell other women they're being women wrong," she replied with the following Tweet, which is the last thing she's said publicly on the matter:

Gschwind-Penski is the only female member of OWL’s full-time commentary team.