Epic Games is Giving Away $12 Million Worth of 'Paragon' Assets

The underperforming MOBA shut down in April

Epic Games today announced it's giving away $12 million worth of Paragon assets to Unreal Engine 4 developers. Paragon was the company's high-profile multiplayer online battle arena game. It shut down in April after failing to attract and maintain players.

The assets include 20 AAA-quality characters with their respective skins, animations, VFX, and dialogue. There's also over 1,500 environmental components. Epic says it will release millions of dollars worth of additional asset packs through the spring and summer.

For developers interested in importing Paragon characters into their projects, Epic suggests starting with Shinbi, who comes with an animation blueprint that can be used for animating other characters. Epic is also offering a sample map for use as a baseline for customized environments.

Paragon first launched in 2016, but was quickly overshadowed by Blizzard Entertainment's Overwatch and, later, by Epic Games own mega popular Fortnite. The game struggled to bring in new players, and content updates slowed when team members were reassigned to Fortnite. The Paragon team admitted the game's future was "shaky" in January, then announced its cancellation a week later.

The Paragon assets are available free of charge in the Unreal Engine Marketplace. There's also a forum thread for people who need a little guidance on how to use them in Unreal Engine 4.