Epic Details 'Fortnite' Map Update In New Video

"The swamps feel swampier, the mountains feel more mountainey"

A new map update will add a host of new "Points of Interest to the Fortnite battle roayale map, developer Epic's lead systems designer Eric Williamson revealed in an update video. Check out the entire video above. 

"We felt [the game] was a little light on Points of Interest, so we wanted to even the island out and make it feel like there were more locations to drop into," Williamson said. Teased in the video is a new city Point of Interest and a Motel. 

Additionally, Williamson said the team wanted to separate the map into what he refers to as "clearly defined Biomes."

"The swamps feel swampier, the mountains feel more mountainey," he said. "Really the different areas of the map feel more unique." 

Lastly, Williamson said Epic will soon implement new quality of life improvments to the game, though he didn't go into detail. As he puts it, these improvements are always changing and asks for player feedback about what works and doesn't.