eBay Sold an SNES Classic Every 25 Seconds on Launch Day

eBay says the average sales price on its website has ranged between $162.10 and $165 – about double its listed price

EBay sold on average 143 Super Nintendo Entertainment System Classics every hour between September 29th and October 1st, the online retailer tells Glixel.

The console, which sold out within "minutes" at GameStop, had more than 17,000 listing on eBay as of its September 29th release date. Between that date and October 1st, 143 units were being sold every hour, roughly four per minute and 3,432 per day. While the console is being sold at retailers for $79.99 USD, eBay says the average sales price on its website have ranged between $162.10 and $165 – about double its listed price. 

This puts the SNES Classic's sales numbers close to the NES Classics' from last year. In November 2016, eBay announced the NES Classic was sold once every 18 seconds on its release day. 

As of writing, eBay is one of the only websites with the SNES Classic available to purchase, though it's important to note a lot of these listings are from private sellers, not major retailers. Because of this, they're able to mark up prices way beyond what you'd see at, say, GameStop or Best Buy. The console looks to be topping off at about $200 USD as of press. 

If you're unsure whether or not you want to spend more than double the cost for your own SNES Classic, check out our unboxing and playthrough video to see the machine in action.