'Dreadnought' Enters Open Beta On PlayStation 4

Comes with six maps, four game modes and a free, exclusive ship for PlayStation players


The upcoming space combat simulator Dreadnought is now in open beta for the PlayStation 4, developer Yager announced today. No end date for the beta was given.

Alongside the chance to try out the game, Yager is giving PlayStation players two new battlegrounds and six new maps not available in the game's closed beta from back in April. Players will have a chance to fight either 60,000 kilometers above Saturn's moon Titan in the Ixion map or around a moon base in the Ryugu Haven. Alongside these two battlegrounds, the open beta will add existing and variant maps featured in the closed beta.

Four game modes will be available in each of the beta's maps: Team Deathmatch, Team Elimination, Training, and Havoc modes. The latter of the four, Havoc, is a PlayStation exclusive cooperative mode that pits three players against increasingly difficult waves of enemies.

Yager also announced PlayStation 4 Pro compatibility for the game, remote play, dynamic themes and even an exclusive ship. Players will have access to the "Hactar Hero Ship" for free. Hactor comes equipped with multiple turrets and surge drones.

Finally, Yager released a host of bug fixes to deal with gameplay, stability and progression issues found in the game's closed beta.

Dreadnought was announced back in 2014 as a collaboration between lead developer Yager and co-developer Iron Galaxy. It is expected to be released sometime this year for the PlayStation 4 and PC.

Yager's game before Dreadnought was the gritty war drama Spec Ops: The Line. Lauded for its take on video game violence and standard machismo, Spec Ops: The Line was met with critical acclaim when it was launched back in 2012.