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Download Nintendo Switch's Online Chat App to Android, iPhone Now

You'll need it to talk with friends in 'Splatoon 2'

Nintendo Switch Online app Credit: Nintendo

Nintendo Switch Online, the Android and iPhone app that enables online chat for Nintendo's Switch console, went live this week, offering Splatoon 2 players a way to talk to one another as they play.

The free app connects Nintendo Switch owners to one another through supported games, allows players to send out game invites through social media like Facebook and Twitter and also supports extra game-specific features.

The online Nintendo service is free until a paid subscription service launches in 2018. No exact date has been announced, but when the service goes live a one-month subscription will cost $3.99, a three-month subscription will cost $7.99 and a year will cost $19.99.

The subscription, which will be required to play games online once it goes live, will also allow members to download a variety of classic titles with newly added online play including Super Mario Bros. 3, Balloon Fight and Dr. Mario, and include occasional discounts on Nintendo's eShop.

So far, only one Nintendo game supports Nintendo Switch Online: Splatoon 2, which hits worldwide July 21.

Splatoon 2's support includes access to SplatNet 2, where you can see your online battle stats, your gear, and find out which online multiplayer stages will be rotated into the game over the next 24 hours.