'Doom' Switch Gets Motion Controls

Added with update 1.1.1

The Doom port for the Nintendo Switch has been updated to include motion controls, Eurogamer reports. The new controls were added with the game's 1.1.1 update. 

As Eurogamer points out, neither publisher Bethesda nor developer id Software made much of a fuss about the new addition, even though fans had been asking for the inclusion. The Switch version of Doom is currently the only version to feature motion controls for the game. 

The game's controls are made available to Switch at any time from the control's menu. The motion control sensitivity can also be adjusted. Check it out, via YouTuber Jahranimo, in the video below.

Originally released for Xbox One, PC and PlayStation 4 on May 13, 2016, Doom was ported to the Switch in November of last year. Despite being ported to a smaller, less-powerful console, the graphically impressive game still runs at 30 frames per second and supports multiplayer.