'Doom's' Multiplayer DLC Goes Free With Game's Latest Patch

A new patch turns Doom's Multiplayer DLC free, among other things.

Doom Credit: Bethesda

Doom's multiplayer DLC is now free for all players, Bethesda announced today. The news comes alongside the release of a new multiplayer patch, entitled “Update 6.66.” 

The patch hits ahead of a “Free Trial Weekend” on Xbox One and Steam starting tomorrow, Thursday, July 20th. During the weekend, players can sample Doom's multiplayer and the first two levels of the campaign, free of charge.

The PlayStation 4 trial weekend will start Thursday, July 27th, and all trial weekends will run until their respective Sunday. Doom will also be on sale for $14.99 USD during each platform’s respective weekend, any progress made during the free weekend will transfer over to the full game.

The multiplayer update will reset players’ multiplayer level as the game transitions from a random unlock system to a Call of Duty-esque progression. The new system allows players to unlock items through in-game actions as well as leveling up. Existing Doom players will retain any items obtained through the previous unlock system, but they will also have the option to reset their progress completely if they so choose.

According to Doom game director Marty Stratton, Update 6.66 will also replace the Hack Modules with the Runes from the game’s campaign. Unlike the temporary Hack Modules, Runes will be equipable items that will be “a consistent and predictable component of your loadout and play style,” Stratton says. The update will also make changes to Doom’s multiplayer user interface, such as an improved “kill card” and “revised post-match summaries.”

Some fans of the Doom multiplayer suite were happy to see the changes, hoping that the free weekend and DLC would inject some much-needed life to the game’s competitive multiplayer, while those who had already purchased the Season Pass were looking for some form of reparation. Still others were asking for a single-player expansion – a point of contention between id Software and the game’s fans. In an interview with Polygon, Stratton indicated the team had “a lot of stuff on the table” with regards to campaign DLC.

Update 6.66 also contains several bug fixes for Doom’s user-generation tool SnapMap, but there do not appear to be any significant changes in store for SnapMap at this time.