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Digital Extremes Gives Brief Details on Next 'Warframe' Expansion

"Plains of Eidolon" coming to Xbox One sometime this month

It's not much, but developer Digital Extremes recently offered a bit of new info on "Plains of Eidolon," the next expansion for its third-person co-operative game Warframe coming to Xbox One

Speaking on the Xbox Wire, Digital Extremes general manager Sheldon Carter called Plains of Eidolon the "biggest, most ambitious, and successful Warframe update" the company's ever launched.

Carter claims Eidolon will feature the "largest" environments ever put out for the game, shifting its level design from "mostly in-door, procedurally-generated tile sets to a massive open-space geography." 

"The landscape is now nearly 3X3 square kilometers in size. And we created a monstrous 10-story tall behemoth boss that’s one of the most difficult bosses to beat in the game," the developer added.

Additionally, Eidolon allows players to tackle objectives in a variety of different ways – be that guns blazing or stealthily. To that latter point, Carter says the game's new day-night cycle "feels completely different than anything previously in Warframe. Watching the sunset and seeing the sky light up with yellow, orange, and red hues, followed by the eventual darkness of night, creates an ominous effect that slowly issues a feeling of danger — and even a little dread!"

Plains of Eidolon is currently slated to launch sometime this month, though no specific date was given. However, having already released on PC, some critics feel if you're new to Warframe, then the expansion "isn't worth your time."