Deviljho Arrives Today in 'Monster Hunter: World'

Here's how you can find it

Credit: Capcom

The fearsome Deviljho is now prowling the environs of Monster Hunter: World. It's the first creature added to the action role-playing game since its launch in January.

Deviljho was first introduced in Monster Hunter 3 and has been a series mainstay ever since. With the new 2.00 update, Monster Hunter: World players can encounter it while on expeditions, according to the PlayStation Blog. It can also appear during 6 and 7 star ranked quests. Additionally, hunters who track the brute wyvern down can get a special assignment called "The Food Chain Dominator" that rewards materials for the new "Vangis" weapons and armor sets.

If you need some help tackling Deviljho, the 2.00 update introduces a new Dragonproof Mantle item. There're also a number of game system changes and weapon balance tweaks, including reduced load times and a "Kick From Online Session" feature. You can check out the full list of changes on the official Monster Hunter: World website.

Publisher Capcom adds it will host the first seasonal events in-game from April 6th until April 19th. More details on that are coming soon.