Nintendo Announces 'Detective Pikachu' Release Date, Pikachu-Themed 2DS

Also, a new 'Detective Pikachu' amiibo

Nintendo announced a slew of new Pokemon stuff today, including the release date for Detective Pikachu and a new Pikachu-themed Nitnendo 2DS XL.

First up, the new 2DS, which features the iconic Pokemon's face front and center, will cost $159.99 USD. The 2DS will hit stores on January 26th. Check out the new handheld in the picture above. 

Detective Pikachu, an adventure game starring the titular pocket monster, will be released on March 23rd, Nintendo also announced. 

"In this new adventure, players team up with a witty, tough-talking Pikachu to uncover clues, solve mysteries and encounter familiar faces from the Pokemon world," the company said about the game. "For the first time in a video game, this Pikachu can communicate with the player. With the help of Pikachu’s surprising voice, players can interact with other Pokemon in a whole new way as they embark on an adventure through the streets of Ryme City."

Lastly, alongside the launch of Detective Pikachu, Nintendo revealed a special edition Detective Pikachu amiibo. The figure, which shows the character outfitted in his detective hat, unlocks in-game cutscenes meant to help players find clues. The Detective Pikachu will cost $39.99 USD. 

In completely different news, did you know Pikachu was one of Pornhub's top-searched video game characters in 2017?