'Destiny 2': Where's Xur and What's He Selling (November 3rd)?

Xur's back, and he's got the Nezarec's Sin – here's where to find him this week

The tentacle-faced traveling salesman known as Xur has returned to Destiny 2, and this week he's hanging out in the Winding Cove region of the EDZ. If you look at your local map in the game's Director guide, you'll notice the Roman numeral IX just north of the nearest fast-travel marker. "A peddler of strange curios, Xur's motives are not his own," the waypoint reads. "He bows to his distant masters, the Nine."

In D2, Xur's currency of choice is no longer Strange Coins but Legendary Shards, which can be acquired by dismantling legendary gear. His price for an exotic weapon is 29 Shards; the cost of an armor piece is 23. Here's what he's offering this week:

  • Graviton Lance - Pulse Rifle

  • Young Ahamkara's Spine - Hunter Gauntlets

  • Mask of the Quiet One - Titan Helmet (Sentinel)

  • Nezarec's Sin - Warlock Helmet (Voidwalker)

Let's be honest: you probably have most of the items in this week's inventory. The Graviton Lance is a pretty great weapon, but the any player who's run through the campaign more than once or twice already got it as a mission reward. Young Ahamkara's Spine is certainly worth having, and I happen to like both of the subclass-specific helmets Xur's offering, but this week you should simply buy whatever item you don't already have – there's nothing too essential here. Nezarec's Sin is a solid choice for Warlocks, however, and it's got a really interesting lore tab. Maybe we'll get our Crown of Tempests or Skyburner's Oath next week.

Xur now stays until the weekly reset on Tuesday morning, when Trials of the Nine ends and ritual activities like the Nightfall rotate. That means you'll have until 5 a.m. Eastern time on November 7th to grab something from his stock – plenty of time to break down those unused legendaries!