'Destiny 2' Development Roadmap Suffers Some Delays

The change affects Mod System improvements, Nightfall Strike weapons, and more.

Credit: Bungie

Bungie unveiled a development roadmap for Destiny 2 weeks ago, but it now says some of the changes it's working on need more time. Unique Nightfall Strike weapons, Mod System improvements, and more have been pushed back, according to an update on Bungie's website.

The features were delayed because Bungie says it wants to ensure each one hits a sufficiently high quality bar. With that in mind, it says unique rewards for Nightfall Strikes are now coming on March 27th. "So while we really wanted to get Nightfall Strike unique weapons into your hands next week to coincide with Nightfall Scoring, it's more important that each of those rewards live up to the difficulty it will take to earn them. They have to be super cool, so we're giving the artists extra time to make sure they are ... super cool," says Destiny 2 game director Christopher Barrett.

Other new features like exotic repetition reduction and companion vendor viewing have also been pushed back to March 27th.

Meanwhile, Barrett says Bungie is still working on Mod System improvements, but they won't be available when the 1.2.0 update is released. "We’ll give more details on when to expect these changes at a future date," he says.

But, there is some good news. Rumble is joining 6v6 Iron Banner and Mayhem in Destiny 2's new rotating weekly Crucible playlist in the March 27th update. Doubles is also returning, but Bungie says it doesn't have an exact release date yet.

"There’s lots more we’re eager to talk about in the coming weeks," Barrett says. "We promise to be as transparent as possible and keep you updated as we go. We hope you’re along for the ride."