'Destiny 2 Collector's Edition' is All About The Luggage

$250 package comes with a solar powered bag, shiny Cabal trinkets

Credit: Bungie

Bungie just launched the first trailer for Destiny 2 and along with it details of all the special editions it's hoping you'll pre-order while you're still drunk on hype. The big prize, the $250 Collector's Edition, comes with the power to harness the very rays of the sun. 

That's right, the package includes the game (obviously), a pass for two as yet unknown expansions, premium digital content (a sword, emote and emblem), a Cabal-themed box with a booklet, postcards, and shiny trinkets and a Frontier Bag. A bag with a solar panel usb charger, a light, a paracord (for survival emergencies) and a solar blanket. 

That's the top tier of a bunch of retail editions. The basic Destiny 2 will be $59.99, the Destiny 2 – Game + Expansion Pass Bundle is $89.99, the Destiny 2 – Digital Deluxe Edition featuring premium digital content will be $99.99, as is the Limited Edition, which includes everything from the Collector's Edition except the bag. But you want the bag, right?