Try the Most Beautiful Game Nintendo Showed Off Tonight, Right Now

The demo is in the Switch store

Project Octopath Traveler, Square Enix's beautiful Switch exclusive role-playing game, launches worldwide in 2018, but you can try a demo of the game out right now.

 The game has eight characters exploring eight lands, as players unravel each of their stories. Combat in the game is a fusion of pick-up-and-play, turn-based and all new mechanics, according to Nintendo.One such new mechanic is called the boost system, which allows you to accumulate points the longer you are in a battle and then use them to either strengthen your attacks or string a bunch together.

Nintendo said that the game was created using a combination of CG, pixel art and "visual wizardy."

An interesting note: Nintendo said that after the demo makes its rounds, players will be surveyed about their experiences playing the game.