Daily Glixel: Your Friends Can Now Music Shame You on Discord

The chat service is teaming up with Spotify.

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Polygon's 'FMV Quest' Continues With 'The 7th Guest'

Polygon's Justin McElroy is on a full-motion vision quest. He's playing through and reviewing all the FMV games we enjoyed as children, and this time he's convinced video producer Brian David Gilbert to join him for Trilobyte's 1993 puzzler The 7th Guest. McElroy started the video series last July.

"Currently, I love FMV games in the way that most people who say they love jazz music love jazz music: Conceptually, and from a distance. But now I'm diving deep into the pit to see just how dark things get," he said at the time.

If you love old school adventure games, grainy graphics, and cheesy overacting, give it a watch!

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