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Hero Shooter 'Gigantic' Shutters After Massive Layoffs at Motiga

Hero Shooter 'Gigantic' Shutters After Massive Layoffs at Motiga

Free-to-play MOBA/hero shooter Gigantic is shutting down later this year following massive layoffs at developer Motiga. The game's January update was the final one, the team writes, and its servers will turn off on July 31st.

"Discontinuing Gigantic was not an easy decision," Motiga says. "The game is a unique and exciting experience that captured many hearts and minds. Unfortunately, it did not resonate with as many players as we’d hoped."

Epic Games expressed similar sentiments when it recently announced its own MOBA, Paragon, is shutting down April 26th. It seems both games failed to find footholds in a crowded market already dominated by massively popular MOBAs like League of Legends and Dota 2, as well as Blizzard Entertainment's hero shooter Overwatch.

Motiga says people who continue to play Gigantic can get all heroes for free, since rubies and hero packs are now disabled. Currency will still be rewarded in-game, and any Crowns or Rubies remaining in an account can still purchase shop items at discounted prices.

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