Daily Glixel: You Can Soon Play 'Pokémon Crystal' on The 3DS

The 2001 classic hits the eShop on January 26th.

'Pokémon Crystal' Coming to 3DS Next Month

'Pokémon Crystal' Coming to 3DS Next Month

Pokémon Crystal, a groundbreaking game in the long-running franchise originally released in 2001, is getting a re-release on the Nintendo 3DS. It will be available on the eShop on January 26th for $9.99. Crystal is notable because it's the first in the series to have both male and female avatars. It's also the first Pokémon game to introduce animations during battles.

Pokémon Crystal will be compatible with Pokémon Bank when it launches. It's a paid service that lets players import select Pokémon from classic core games into the newest core games. There's also now a chance to encounter the mythical monster Celebi after completing Crystal. Previously, players could only nab Celebi by using a special accessory.