Daily Glixel: You Can Soon Play 'Pokémon Crystal' on The 3DS

The 2001 classic hits the eShop on January 26th.

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'League of Legends' Studio Helps Bring Computer Science to Schools

'League of Legends' Studio Helps Bring Computer Science to Schools

Riot Games, the developer behind popular MOBA League of Legends, is teaming up with 9 Dots Community Learning Center to bring computer science courses to underserved schools in Los Angeles. 9 Dots provides in-depth training programs that include lesson plans, printed materials, and workshops for K-12 teachers throughout the school year. With Riot's help, it says it will double the reach of its program.

"Our goal is to support teachers every step of the way until each instructor feels confident to teach computer science on their own," says 9 Dots executive director Josh Taylor. "Through this partnership with Riot Games, I believe that we are one step closer to our goal of establishing computer science courses in every K-12 classroom in Los Angeles."

Riot is also helping 9 Dots add game design elements to its curriculum, as well as sponsoring a year-long study on equitable enjoyment in K-6 computer science classes that focuses on the rapidly declining interest girls have in those courses once they reach middle school.

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