Daily Glixel: Yes, There Is a 'Witcher' Musical

Will Geralt sing in a bathtub? We can only hope!

Why That Scene Made it Into 'Detroit: Become Human'

Yesterday, Quantic Dream released a new trailer for its upcoming game Detroit: Become Human depicting an abusive father accidentally killing his daughter in a fit of rage (or not, depending on what choices the player makes in this scenario). The unsettling scene caused some controversy, as well as discussions about what themes video game narratives should and shouldn't cover. Eurogamer spoke to Quantic Dream's David Cage after the press conference, and he explains why he chose to explore the theme of domestic violence in the game.

"Why did I want to do this? For me it's a very strong and moving scene, and I was interested to put the player in the position of this woman," he says. "I chose her point of view. If I'd have chosen the point of view of the man it could have been a totally different story and with totally different emotions, but in this case I chose her point of view. There's a context in the story, there's a reason for that – where she comes from and where she's going to go. What's important to me, and what's important in Detroit is to say that a game is as legitimate as a film or a book or a play to explore any topic such as domestic abuse."