Daily Glixel: Yes, There Is a 'Witcher' Musical

Will Geralt sing in a bathtub? We can only hope!

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'Apex Construct' Looks Like 'Horizon Zero Dawn' in VR

Apex Construct is a virtual reality game where robots have taken over the world and you fight them with a bow and arrow. Basically, it's like Horizon Zero Dawn but the machines are smaller and cuter. Developer Fast Travel Games apparently studied the mechanics of real world archery to get the feel of the bow right.

“Coming from the world of AAA action games, one of the cardinal rules we’ve always followed is to give our players the right tools for the right job. In virtual reality, few weapons feel as tactile and immersive as a bow and arrow, which made it a natural fit for our first VR experience,” said Erik Odelhdahl, lead designer on Apex Construct. “Attaining a true sense of immersion requires motions that feel natural to a player. We’ve made sure to do this in every moment of Apex Construct, whether that’s pulling back on a bow, throwing a grenade, or rummaging through old buildings.”

Apex Construct is a timed exclusive for PlayStation VR. It will come to HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, and Microsoft Mixed Reality Headsets at a later date.

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