Daily Glixel: From Montana Cults to … Space Teddy Bears?

'Far Cry 5' director's potential next project is very different from his last.

'Far Cry 5' Director's New Game is About a Lost Space Teddy

'Far Cry 5' Director's New Game is About a Lost Space Teddy

Far Cry 5 Director Dan Hay recently gave a talk during BAFTA's Games Lecture Day, where he outlined his latest project called Yarn. It's about a little girl looking for her lost teddy bear – in space. The idea is as tonally different from Far Cry as it can get and was born from multiple influences, including Hay's memories of his own childhood teddy bear, the myth of Prometheus, and an interest in space travel.

"I want to retell the story of Prometheus giving that key moment of thought, but I want to replace fire with a teddy bear, and I want to put it in space because it's fucking awesome," he said during the lecture.

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Hay went to Serge Merinho, art director on Ubisoft's Child of Light, and the two developed the idea into a more substantial pitch. But will it ever become a real game?

"This is literally the first time I've told anybody", he said. "We kind of were doing this off to the side. I'm going to go back and think about that, and I think if people like what they're hearing, I'll have a new problem ... I'm gonna walk back into the office and [everybody will ask] 'What the hell is 'Yarn?'"

It's a fascinating talk and worth watching in its entirety if you're interested in game development. (Thanks, Eurogamer!)