Daily Glixel: 'Wolfenstein II' Launch Trailer Teases the Return of a Familiar Villain

There's no sign of the mecha suit (yet).

Yes, Hitler is in 'Wolfenstein II'

Wolfenstein II has a new launch trailer, and it's every bit as bloody and NSFW as you'd expect. But, it also teases the return of a old villain. That's right! Hitler is officially making his return to the Wolfenstein franchise. And he doesn't look so good. The last few seconds of the trailer tease an ailing Hitler in a bathrobe. Why is this notable? It marks the Führer's first on-screen debut in a modern Wolfenstein game. His last appearance was in id Software's Wolfenstein 3D, where he terrorizes the player in a giant mecha suit (Yes, that's as silly as it sounds.).