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Swery's 'The Good Life' is Coming to Kickstarter
Hidetaka 'Swery' Suehiro2/5

Swery's 'The Good Life' is Coming to Kickstarter

Last year, Deadly Premonition creator Hidetaka "Swery" Suehiro turned to crowdfunding platform Fig for his latest project, The Good Life. It's a role-playing game set in a town where everyone turns into cats at night. It failed to meet its goal, but Swery isn't giving up. He announced on Twitter last night he's relaunching the campaign next month on Kickstarter.

"The campaign we did in September 2017 was our first crowdfunding campaign ever," Swery says in his Twitter post. "We ran towards it at full speed, and swallowed the bitter medicine of unsuccessful."

He adds his studio, White Owls, learned a great deal from the experience. "For starters, we didn't prepare enough, and much of our announcement news was leaked long before the campaign got started," he says. "Now, I plan to use 120 percent of everything I've experienced and learned, far beyond its maximum potential, in order to make sure this campaign succeeds!"

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