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Blizzard Bans Notorious 'Overwatch' Griefer
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Blizzard Bans Notorious 'Overwatch' Griefer

In the Overwatch community, a "one-trick" is a player who uses a specific hero and refuses to ever switch. This isn't always a bad thing; people can, and should, be able to play their favorites. But, one specific player has reportedly been one-tricking with support hero Symmetra to purposely ruin matches for thousands of others. The griefing got so bad popular Twitch streamer TimTheTatMan said recently he might stop broadcasting the game entirely. Now, Blizzard says it's taking action.

"This player has been permanently banned across all and future accounts from Overwatch," a Blizzard rep says on Reddit.

Blizzard says it thoroughly investigated the griefer and discovered the person is "one of the worst offenders we have come across." It also stresses the player was banned for systematically ruining the game for others, not for their hero choice.

"We recognize that not finding this player faster is an unfortunate failure of our ever-developing reporting system and we’ve already taken steps to quickly eliminate outliers like this in the future," Blizzard adds.

Hopefully, Symmetra fans (myself included) will feel a little more welcome in competitive now.

(Thanks, Kotaku!)

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