Daily Glixel: 'Tomb Raider' Arcade Game Coming To Dave & Busters

Looks to be a movie tie-in

'Tomb Raider' Is Coming To Dave & Busters

'Tomb Raider' Is Coming To Dave & Busters

A new Tomb Raider arcade game is coming to select Dave & Busters restaurants within a "couple of weeks," Arcade Heroes reports. According to the outlet, the game has a 120-inch HD screen and will be playable by up to four people. 

While there's been no concrete confirmation about the game from either publisher Square Enix or developer Crystal Dynamics, both of the companies' logos can be seen on the cabinet. According to leaked promotional material, the Tomb Raider arcade cabinet will be a tie-in with the upcoming film coming March 16th. 

According to Arcade Heroes, the game "appears to be based on the video game that Square Enix released back in [2013] but modified in some way to be more of an action shooting game than a platform hopping, exploration action game."