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Xbox Exec Addresses Xbox One Keyboard/Mouse Support

Xbox Exec Addresses Xbox One Keyboard/Mouse Support

Most people who play shooters know a keyboard and mouse is more accurate than a controller. This can give an unfair advantage during online matches. But, Microsoft says it's not taking action against people who use a keyboard and mouse (via a XIM adapter) on the Xbox console. Instead, it's leaving that decision up to developers.

"Developers have the choice to use APIs that detect and not allow these," Microsoft's corporate vice president of gaming, Mike Ybarra, says on Twitter to a fan who asked if the company is addressing the issue. "It’s up to them, but the capability is there."

Ybarra adds adapters can be helpful for people with accessibility considerations. "Our general approach is to empower the developer to manage their game how they want," he says.

Microsoft has toyed with the idea of keyboard/mouse support on Xbox One for a while now. Last September, Ybarra reportedly confirmed it's "definitely coming," but didn't say when.

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