Daily Glixel: This 'Street Fighter II' Cartridge Might Hadouken Your SNES

Oh, Capcom!

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Microsoft Livestreaming App Mixer Create Leaves Beta

Microsoft Livestreaming App Mixer Create Leaves Beta

Microsoft's live streaming app Mixer Create is officially out of beta and available now on iOS and Android. The company acquired the service (formerly called Beam) last year. Through the Create app, streamers can broadcast mobile games directly from their phones, no extra software or equipment required. This feature works with any Android game, but only works with a selection of iOS games. Co-Streaming lets up to four people combine their streams into a single broadcast, while the Vlog/Selfie feature lets someone go live from anywhere (including those long lines at PAX West this weekend). Mixer Create is free to download on the Google Play and iOS App Stores.

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