Daily Glixel: This 'Leeroy Jenkins' Video Isn't Real Either

Its creators show off a first-take for a good cause.

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Richard Garriott Forgives 'Ultima VI' Pirate Decades Later
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Richard Garriott Forgives 'Ultima VI' Pirate Decades Later

Young Joshua Dudley once "rented" a copy of Ultima VI from a computer store, then "forgot" to delete it from his PC afterwards. Now, 27 years later, he's asking for forgiveness.

"@RichardGarriott wilt thou pardon me for not paying full price for Ultima VI?" Dudley wrote on Twitter this holiday weekend. "I was 13 years old and my 3 dollars a week allowance only went so far."

Ultima series creator Richard Garriott saw the tweet and responded as his alter ego, Lord British. "Lord Dudley, I am deeply moved and appreciative of your note to me, and fully absolve you of any debt or guilt!"

Lord British then suggested Dudley should join him in his latest game, Shroud of the Avatar, a spiritual successor to the Ultima franchise that launched on PC earlier this year. "Thank you my liege for your graciousness," Dudley said. "I wouldst be most honored to join you in the new lands." (Thanks, Polygon!)

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