Daily Glixel: This 'Leeroy Jenkins' Video Isn't Real Either

Its creators show off a first-take for a good cause.

'Leeroy Jenkins' Creators Didn't Think People Would Believe it Was Real

It was one of the internet's earliest memes, back before anyone really knew what a "meme" was. A gung-ho World of Warcraft player named "Leeroy Jenkins" charges into a room full of dragon eggs in Blackrock Spire and ruins a guild raid with hilarious results.

Now, in an interview with Kotaku's Jason Schreier, the guys behind that infamous video say they're surprised people fell for it. "We didn’t think anyone would believe it was real, we thought it was so obviously satire," said Ben "Anfrony" Vinson tells Kotaku. "But, we were wrong."

This weekend, Vinson and Ben "Leeroy" Schulz released a never-before-seen first take of the infamous video to help raise awareness about Net Neutrality. Vinson says he'll donate money to the Electronic Frontier Foundation and similar charitable organizations if the new video generates enough revenue.

"I've been holding onto this for over a decade waiting for the 'right' moment to make it public, and then last week Ajit Pai created his awful/condescending video and it riled me up so much that I decided it was finally time to unleash this gem of Internet history on the world to do my part to help out," he says.