Daily Glixel: There's Another New Swery Game on the Way

'The Missing' launches later this year.

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Twitch Introduces Custom Chat Rooms

Twitch Introduces Custom Chat Rooms

Twitch rolled out a new feature yesterday designed to bring a channel's community together. "Rooms" are always-on, custom chat spaces that streamers control. They can set a topic and choose who has access. Plus, Twitch says all badges and emotes carry over. It's available now on web and mobile, with a desktop version coming soon.

Rooms isn't the first big new feature announced this week. Twitch is also releasing a new "Clip Champ" status and a "Top Cheerers" leaderboard. Both aim to recognize supportive viewers in the community. Only Clip Champ status is available now. The leaderboard rolls out at the end of the month.

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