Daily Glixel: Hidden Cat Marios Are S-cat-tered Throughout 'Super Mario Odyssey'

Yes, I made that pun. I regret nothing.

'Super Mario Odyssey' Has Hidden Cat Marios, Apparently
Nintendo (via Siliconera)1/5

'Super Mario Odyssey' Has Hidden Cat Marios, Apparently

Some new details are coming out about Super Mario Odyssey, thanks to the 100th episode of The Cat Mario Show (a.k.a. Nyanyanya! Neko Mario Time in Japan). The program is aimed at a younger audience and is hosted by Cat Mario and Cat Peach. The two give facts, tips, quizzes, and other information about Nintendo games. To commemorate the show, Nintendo has apparently hidden the feline hosts in obscure locations throughout Odyssey. It once did something similar with Luigi in Super Mario 3D World. Super Mario Odyssey comes out on October 27th. (Thanks, Siliconera!)